Art Trade Secretmelody by Maneshi

Henry Wyndhurst is a 9 year old boy that makes his debut in a Memoria fanstory in progress by pknova2010.


As a resident of Rubyton, he lived a normal life as the son of Virginia and Peter Wyndhurst. However, he often thinks about his penpal, Winston Milo, since their last meeting was last Christmas in their household. (His mother is friends with Mrs. Milo.) Henry does have another friend named Karl, who usually tempts Henry into going on outings, if he saw something cool. Recently, however, he has been having haunting dreams about Winston and worries about him often.


Henry is friendly, well-mannered, and polite, a bit gullible, unlike Kendel, who is the exact opposite.

Roles in Dimensional ClashEdit

Along with Ness and the others, he makes his appearence in pknova2010's threads.


  • Ness
  • Dale
  • Nick
  • Lloyd
  • Ana
  • Sydney (?)
  • Kuruno (?)
  • Isabelle (Childhood Friend)
  • Carrie


  • Kendel
  • The Bully Five


He is still a novice PSI user that depends on Ness to mentor him.

Learned PSI AbilitesEdit

  • PK Miracle
  • Telepathy

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Supernatrual Breach - Somehow, Henry can use his powers to bring out anyone who is imprisioned in a mirror, painting, and etc.


He can cook well, can speak/translate some languages into English (French, Spanish, and German), play the piano well, and keep records often in his journal.


  • Henry is the youngest of the group at being 9 years old and only novice PSI User.
  • Henry sees Ness as a big brother and often follows him around.
  • Rumors has it that Henry might plan to leave the group in order to lure bad guys away in a new mysterious identity.
  • In "Usual Intentions", Henry is only hostile to Nick in the beginning when Kendel posessed him with his Shadow, during this, he suffers to break out of this control. However, when Ness aids him, Henry finds the courage to break free from Kendel's evil control and unlocked PSI at the same time.
  • Henry only remembers few memories of his past when he was 5, but rarely remembers about his former friend, Isabelle.
  • In a Memoria fanstory, he is friends with Carrie, an eccentric first grader that attends Rubyton Elementary and how he gets his PSI happened at an incident at Lake Ordinance in which he became extremely ill.
  • Picture of Henry is made by Maneshi, the artist behind M2:Harmony & Memoria.