Larry Niger
Full Name Lazarus Niger
Nicknames Larry
Age 11 (about 16 in humanoid ant years)
Height 4 feet, 6 inches
Weight 74 pounds
Gender Male
Race Lasius sapien (anthropomorphic ant)
Alliance Good
Home His family originally came from Springfield, Hymenopia, Earth
Franchise Dimensional Clash

Larry Niger is a humanoid ant creature and original character created for Dimensional Clash.

Background Edit

Larry Niger comes from a medium suburb some distance from Void City. His grandparents moved there along with a group of other humanoid ants from their native dimension when they found themselves on the island. So far, he's led a peaceful life and managed to stay out of the good vs. evil chaos more common downtown. He has a number of friends, though he also has the occasional bully or two who like to pick on him. Larry developed an interest in architecture during middle school and took an elective course on it during high school. Ant people usually keep to their own little town (though they will help a stranger in need if... well, needed), so Larry's had little to no interaction with the island's many other residences.

Roles on Dimensional Clash Edit

Arrival Edit

Larry was born in Void City's old hospital a considerable amount of time before it had been destroyed and replaced with the new one.

Present Roles Edit

Personality Edit

Larry is of a quiet but friendly demeanor. He is generally thoughtful, and like the rest of his society which has been hard-wired with the values of diligence and teamwork, is always more than willing to lend or seek out a helping hand. Larry enjoys playing games and sports (particularly non-contact) of all kinds, and he'll even help make up a new one if need be. Larry generally avoids confrontations, mostly because he's a weakling where he comes from, though he still does so even after the realization he's one of the stronger residents on the island. His favorite field of study, as of middle school, is architecture. He can already draw out the designs for a very basic structure thanks to a woodshop elective, and he aspires to take up an apprenticeship to master the field.

Abilities Edit

Larry's lifting capacity in pounds is in the low 700s; exact number isn't known as he never bothered to clock his strength. Compared to other ants, he's something of a wimp, so he considers his strength anything but super.

Skills Edit

Larry is of average intelligence for a junior in high school. He has decent math skills--geometry more than anything--and he aspires to get an apprenticeship in architecture when he's done with public education. In fact, Larry's already got some basic competence in the field even at this age.

Trivia Edit

  • Larry's name and the name of his species are both derived from Lasius Niger, the scientific name for the common black garden ant.