The promoted Light Warriors riding Chocobos

The Warriors of Light are the primary protagonists and would-be heroes of 8-Bit Theater. Their position was appointed by King

Steve; however, he was tricked into thinking that they were the warriors of legend.

They are supposed to save the world from a "total, yet vague doom mentioned in an ancient prophecy". Most of the time however, they do more harm than good, earning them nicknames such as "Blight Warriors" and "Insatiable Flying Death Mongers". For this reason, Sarda claims that they are, in fact, the evil that must be destroyed. It is likely that he is biased, though, as the also claims that they murdered his parents three or four times.

Black Mage Edit

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Fighter Edit

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Red Mage Edit

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Other Light Warriors Edit

There is a group of "real" Light Warriors who had the Orbs of Light that were supposed to indicate who the destined Warriors of Light were. They are often inadvertently tortured through actions caused by the Light Warriors and one of their members, named Barry.

White Mage and Black Belt are sometimes seen as unofficial Light Warriors. Red Mage once jokingly wanted to make Jeff the "honorary fifth Light Warrior". Dragoon and Drizz'l have also replaced Black Mage at various points.

A gag also featured "Bard", the fifth Light Warrior who was apparently unmade before he was born after annoying Sarda. He never existed; so says Sarda.

On Dimensional Clash Edit

The Light Warriors are some of PAC's most frequently used characters. Technically, they are all (with the exception of Black Mage) dead within the current story. Fighter, Red Mage and Thief finally successfully killed by Black Mage who burned them all alive with a giant fireball. They were later revived by Cleric with the sole purpose to rock, as apparently Cleric had a sick sense of humor when he revived them. After Black Mage lost his immortality due to his stay in the room with a moose, he committed suicide and later became the band the others had formed known as the Boneyard Warriors. Recently, Black Mage was fully revived due to the effects of his Nest Jewel piece. Before he flew away for the final battle, Black Mage lit the Boneyard Warriors' crypt on fire with Fire3. Fighter, Thief and Red Mage's fates are currently unknown at this point.