Silver Wolf Laguz, sometimes referred to as Silver Wolf or SWL, is a roleplayer on Dimensional Clash. She is female and from the United States, born 2/26/95. Her posts sometimes have the tendency to be ignored for some reason. Her characters are mostly OCs, but with some canon characters.

Characters Edit

Kid Icarus Edit

  • Lobozotoh "Lobo" (OC)
  • Libozith "Lib" (OC)

Pokemon Edit

  • Teala the Flygon (OC)
  • Uziami the Lucario (OC)
  • Mheetu the Luxio (OC)
  • Volcano the Blaziken (OC)
  • Darknite the Shadow Dragonite (OC)
  • Suneon the Solareon (OC)
  • Mooneon the Lunareon (OC)
  • Alobinzard the Drazirahc (OC)
  • Anti Tana, the dark counterpart of Tanachu (OC)

Class of 3000 Edit

  • Li'l D (Canon)
  • Philly Phil (Canon)

Future Plans Edit

She plans to remake her two canon characters and start using them more, get some drawn art up for her characters, and try to get noticed more.